Celebrating Empowered Women of Dayton

Welcome!  It’s the first week of Women’s History Month and just a little more than three weeks until we unveil our book Empowered Women. If you like the work we’ve been doing and the posts we have shared with you since last fall, won’t you consider coming to the book unveiling?  Our new book features the women we have written about here and more! There are so many great stories about the women of Dayton – things they accomplished, despite struggles, to make their city, the city of Dayton, Ohio, better for their community and for us. As we celebrate these amazing trailblazers, we hope you will consider joining us on March 26th for an evening of celebration and of course a first look at our new book.

Join us tomorrow as we recall an amazing story about women's fight for suffrage.

Empowered Women invite.jpg