Custom Books

Our learning-activity books offer a fun, affordable and effective way to support teachers and inspire employees. From private charter schools to financial institutions, we have developed books for a variety of organizations. We present the history, product, service or subject of your choice in a customized book with the following elements:

• Original illustrations and/or archival photos
• Content aligned with state educational standards
Learning activities that enhance critical thinking

Benefits for Schools:
• Helps teachers integrate state educational standards
• Offers teachers educational materials on underserved topics
• Provides Teacher Guides with new enrichment materials and assessment tools
• Gives students supplemental learning activities for the classroom and home
• Addresses specific needs of teacher lesson plans and tutoring programs
Benefits for Businesses:
• Inspires employee pride in their job and their company
• Provides staff with a fun resource for their kids about where mom, dad or family members work
• Offers a unique and thoughtful corporate giveaway or promotion
• Appeals to youth in an educational and cost-effective way

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