“CHPS learning-activity books on the arts not only help children develop their reading ability but they also nurture a child’s self-expression.
- Bruce Anthony Davis, Broadway star and Tony Award-winning dancer, singer and actor

“Children’s Historical Publishing learning-activity books educate our children about our past as well as inspire many discussions about a future that is full of hope.”
- Dr. Craig McCall, Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist

“Children’s Historical Publishing books will help children understand the world around them.”
– Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

“Americans everywhere can benefit from the history in these books.”
– General Lester Lyles, USAF

I highly recommend Children’s Historical Publishing books. I have seen the dedication and ever evolving effort of the organization to provide a level of quality materials that meet or exceed State of Ohio standards for Social Studies, citizenship and community awareness.”
- Linnae Clinton, Chief of Curriculum and Instruction, Dayton Public Schools

“CHPS books are not only rich in history and skill development language, but they captivate children from page to page.”
- Dr. Percy Mack, Superintendent, South Carolina Richland County School District

“Children’s Historical Publishing’s Secrets of the Underground Railroad reminds us that perseverance along with the right support can change the lives of people and the world in which they live.”
Dr. Spencer Crew, President, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

“As you read these books, you can take pride in our past, inspiration in today and hope for our future.”
- Honorable Judge Walter H. Rice, Federal Judge U.S. District Court

“All cities should have a book like
The Amazing Arts of Dayton, which encourages kids to use their imagination to understand and serve others in astonishing ways.”
- Mira Kingsley, Professor of Dance, University of California-Santa Barbara

The Amazing Arts of Dayton encourages children to participate in the art and history of our community and will no doubt make exploration of our region exciting.”
- Denise Rehg, President, Dayton Culture Works